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YUM…. check out these ‘idi-YUMS!’ for days !!!

Check out these YUMMY ‘idi-YUMS!’
On the phone this morning, I noticed myself saying, “You are what you eat” AND “The world is your oyster.” It made me think of all […]

The Last Supper … ‘food angels’ in the sky

“Today and everyday, I am reminded to give thanks to the ‘food angels in the sky’ that introduced me to my taste buds. Thank you to the ‘food angels’ for […]

To freeze or not to freeze thy fruit? Now that is the question.

To freeze or not to freeze thy fruit? Now that is the question..
Apples, I wanted to explore this fruit category. Fruit in the summertime is refreshingly quenching as days […]

Pay attention next time your server asks: “Would you like pepper OR cheese with that?”

I was dining outdoors al fresco this past Sunday with a good friend of mine and after much contemplation going back and forth with our eyes filled with repetitive hunger […]

Breakfast of Champions – Start your day on the right food, I mean…foot.

Buon giorno! My Morning Cappuccino delight. "Morning dose of positive energy: shot of love, two scoops of sugar, a wedge of perseverance, persistence, determination and loaf of hard work (add […]

Peace. Love. Gelato.

Recently, I started saying this…it is catchy and to the point, and pretty much sums up BellaPiccolina.
One would think, What does this mean to me?
BellaPiccolina’s happiness is “Gelato” […]