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It’s not Christmas Eve without Baccala’ !


I always get sentimental around this time of year when talking to people about Christmas Eve stories and family food-filled traditions. For centuries, Italians and Italian - Americans have prepared the Seven Fish Dinner on Christmas Eve, December 24th. My family being one of them.

"The Vigil" or "La Viglia" which derives from Southern […]

Lights, cheer, roasted chestnuts, Oh My!

Ever dream of a winter wonderland? A cozy house filled with delectable smells and good treats?

What is your favorite Holiday memory? Lights, Cheer, Gingerbread cookies, Ornaments, Christmas Trees...

For me, this season is about chestnuts and here is why ...


Bella Piccolina writes for the  "kid at heart."  One of my fondest […]

Sunday means, Football in your house? Meatballs in Mine.

Sunday in my house means Meatballs...
Bella Piccolina Recipe for Sunday Meatballs

Est time: 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES




1.5 LB (1/2 VEAL, 1/2 PORK, 1/2 GROUND BEEF) BLEND


2 EGGS […]

Good Morning, Joe … coffee is making Monday morning more complicated ….

Hello, Monday Morning.
... this is for many, when the weekend has come to a serious halt and the reality of the work week is setting in. The grind of waking up in the morning is challenging along with the pressure of getting everything organized for the week, the start of a 7 day week. […]

Anyone, yes Anyone can bake an Apple Pie!

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. Born and bred (yes, bread! :) ) a true New Englander, I have always had a fond appreciation for the four seasons and how each of them are so well represented especially here in the Ocean State. Winter in New England has its extreme moments where […]

On Columbus Day … A tradition, “Do the Little Shoe” :: “Fare la scarpetta”

For as long as I can remember, when I think of Sundays, I think of  'Sauce.' I do realize the debate on whether it is called  "Sauce" OR "Gravy" has existed for years. In my opinion, a light brown, thick liquid that gets poured on top of a turkey breast around Thanksgiving holiday is called Gravy. […]

Not enough time to prepare the quick apps you need for tonight? Don’t ‘feel low’ with Fillo! Here is my answer!

Don't worry, you are not alone. Many people find themselves 'strapped for time' and a sense of overwhelming when they are hosting guests. Which is why I have prepared a GO-TO favorite (and quick!) appetizer dish to set yourself apart from the other dinner parties while still keeping it tasteful and fresh and appeal to eyes and taste buds of […]

Summer calls for Zucchini flowers!

If you are from Rhode Island (The Ocean State) some may say their idea of summer is heading to the beautiful beaches, scenic Newport to admire the Newport Mansions or cliff walk or picking up a delightful iced coffee on a sizzling hot day. All ages alike can appreciate a sip of refreshingly cool Del's Lemonade or a bite of […]

Can your taste buds handle it? Recipes for the Young at Heart

Can your taste buds handle it?
Recipes for the young at heart
Below are FIVE recipes I've created (and love!) and want to share with the world. These dishes all vary in styles from American-eclectic/French/Greek to Italian influences....Please comment and share with myself and others on how your experience in the kitchen was following my detailed […]

Vegetables smedgtables.

Fresh Garden Tomatoes
How many times a day are we asking children to eat their vegetables? And are they open to trying new vegetables? Are we explaining the benefits of eating healthy foods, even as adults to ourselves? The benefits of antioxidants…a healthy heart….. dot dot dot… Kid translation: “If you eat carrots and lettuce […]