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One of my favorite posts to date highlighting 13 year old baker and fighter …

Hi Everyone! Did you miss me?

Days get busy and it seems as though there is never enough time to do it all in a day, week.....or even month! Get my drift? The answer is NO, I could never forget about contributing to my blog. Especially Bella Piccolina, this alter-ego character I created that has […]

Top Five Reasons to make Homemade Pasta as a Team!

There are over 150 different variations of Pastas....textures, shapes, sizes, colors.....from black squid ink pasta to spinach pasta, to stuffed ravioli to lasagne, Pasta-Making has always been my "fan favorite" activity when it comes to gathering together with family and friends in the kitchen. Of course, the final dish and actual pasta eating makes it […]

Did you wake up to “caramelle” “candy” in your shoe?

In the United States and in some other parts of the world, families and children are familiar with who Santa Claus or Saint Nick around Christmas time.
In Italy there is a very special busy and "buona" "good" woman / "Witch" that is known (she is said to come from Northern Italy) called "La Befana." […]

Coin-shaped tradition on New Years – You Lucky Lentil, You.

This is the first post of January 1st 2015
Let me begin by first off, thanking you all for reading and subscribing to my posts in 2014 as this inspirational food blog took flight! The journey has just begun ...
Secondly, a big bright, warm welcome 2015 as I wish you and those closest […]

It’s not Christmas Eve without Baccala’ !


I always get sentimental around this time of year when talking to people about Christmas Eve stories and family food-filled traditions. For centuries, Italians and Italian - Americans have prepared the Seven Fish Dinner on Christmas Eve, December 24th. My family being one of them.

"The Vigil" or "La Viglia" which derives from Southern […]

You’ve heard it by now, Peace. Love. Gelato, but what does it mean?

So by now, you may have familiarized yourself with Bella Piccolina's "pleasant sign-off's" from each blog post. People have been asking me, where does  Bella Piccolina's "Peace. Love. Gelato" signature come from ?

I took this photo in Rome, Italy visiting a cafe while enjoying a cappuccino gelato. (Summer, 2012)
Around the holiday season, I […]

Lights, cheer, roasted chestnuts, Oh My!

Ever dream of a winter wonderland? A cozy house filled with delectable smells and good treats?

What is your favorite Holiday memory? Lights, Cheer, Gingerbread cookies, Ornaments, Christmas Trees...

For me, this season is about chestnuts and here is why ...


Bella Piccolina writes for the  "kid at heart."  One of my fondest […]

Sunday means, Football in your house? Meatballs in Mine.

Sunday in my house means Meatballs...
Bella Piccolina Recipe for Sunday Meatballs

Est time: 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES




1.5 LB (1/2 VEAL, 1/2 PORK, 1/2 GROUND BEEF) BLEND


2 EGGS […]

Travel to Italy without leaving RI, mark your calendars November 23rd!

Looking for a fun holiday themed family event? How about some basic Italian language and culture? How about some pasta making for the entire family to enjoy?
Join me next Sunday, 11/23  at the MEET YOUR MAKER holiday event at Hope and Main, Rhode Island’s first culinary business incubator!
Hope and Main helps local entrepreneurs jump-start […]

Good Morning, Joe … coffee is making Monday morning more complicated ….

Hello, Monday Morning.
... this is for many, when the weekend has come to a serious halt and the reality of the work week is setting in. The grind of waking up in the morning is challenging along with the pressure of getting everything organized for the week, the start of a 7 day week. […]