A No-Baloney (Bologna) kind of blog! Meet Bella Piccolina, an inspirational food blogger with a kid heart! An inspiration reminding us of what it is like to be “young at heart” and how we should never loose that sense of wonder, imagination and curiosity especially when experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen! Although Piccolina means “little” in Italian, don’t be mistaken, this fearless foodie, Bella Piccolina has stories, ideas and taste buds that are larger than life!

“Heel your soul” with Babbo’s Italian Homemade Raisin Meatballs

“Babbo’s Homemade Raisin Meatballs – Bella Piccolina™ helps out in la Cucina”

Bella Piccolina helps out in the kitchen, “la cucina” (the kitchen) this afternoon on Palm Sunday where she is cooking meatballs with her Dad, “Babbo.” The house smells like fresh marinara sauce, a smell that simply cannot be transported via blog post.  These are not just any ordinary meatballs, but savory meatballs that have been simmering since 9am (current time: 12 NOON EST). These meatballs, “polpette” are made with delicious flavor and the finest and freshest ingredients with an authentic Southern Italian influence. Bella Piccolina is eager to share this recipe with you and yours that she learned from her Dad who was born in Southern Italy, the region of Puglia (If you look at a map of Italy, Puglia can be found in what looks like the “heel of the boot”). These meatballs are sure to leave your stomach fully satisfied as they “heel your soul.”


Homemade Meatballs "Polpette" 

…And she’s off… Bella Piccolina puts on her red apron, rolls up her sleeves and starts setting the mood of the afternoon by helping out in the kitchen by folding napkins and organizing the kitchen table. She double dog dares you to combine the flavors of sweet and savory and here you have it, a perfectly plump Homemade Raisin Meatball that will have your mouth watering for days and your neighbors drooling.

Her tastebuds are in check as she squashes vine ripened San Marzano tomatoes (be sure to leave out the seeds), freshly cut basil that Babbo chopped and about 20 cloves of garlic because you know those meatballs have no shot without the garlic. Roll em plump and round and Enjoy, “Buon Appetito” and Happy Sunday, “Buona Domenica.” 

Peace, Love, Gelato.