A No-Baloney (Bologna) kind of blog! Meet Bella Piccolina, an inspirational food blogger with a kid heart! An inspiration reminding us of what it is like to be “young at heart” and how we should never loose that sense of wonder, imagination and curiosity especially when experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen! Although Piccolina means “little” in Italian, don’t be mistaken, this fearless foodie, Bella Piccolina has stories, ideas and taste buds that are larger than life!

You’ve heard it by now, Peace. Love. Gelato, but what does it mean?

So by now, you may have familiarized yourself with Bella Piccolina's "pleasant sign-off's" from each blog post. People have been asking me, where does  Bella Piccolina's "Peace. Love. Gelato" signature come from ?


I took this photo in Rome, Italy visiting a cafe while enjoying a cappuccino gelato. (Summer, 2012)

Around the holiday season, I feel more of a need to expand upon what "Peace, Love, Gelato" represents for readers to get a better understanding of Bella Piccolina's Inspirational food blog. The holidays mean different things to people. Holidays are often filled with joy but often times people are beyond stressed with the heavy weight on their backs to check off their holiday shopping lists, get their shopping done while waiting in massive lines in overcrowded, overpriced stores while maintaining a balancing act with work load crammed in before vacation days arrive! Stockings are up, tree is lit up, there is still so much to do, it may seem impossible to do it all .... With just 9 more days until Christmas, sometimes you just have to stop and breathe.

I kindly ask you to remember when you are STRESSED the word STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards, so I say, "bring it on sweet tooth." Much of the stress of the holiday season, we may put upon ourselves. It takes a simple reminder to reflect on what the season is truly all about. There are some people who do not have much at all, others who have too much that they do not even know what to do with it matter what way you look at it, the life you choose to live and the energy you wish to put out there is a reflection of how you welcome the holiday season.

I hope it is sweet, like....gelato.

 I come from a very, very Italian background, both my parents are from Italy and I grew up eating meatball sandwiches for well, breakfast. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! I fondly remember the Christmas season filled with "La Viglia" an Italian tradition, Seven Fish dinner along with my mother's homemade " Tirimisu ' " (which means "pick me up" in Italian) and of course, who could forget jolly Saint Nick visiting each Christmas. My older (and much wiser!) sister and I leaving cookies (and carrots) out on the nightstand overnight as Santa would visit from the North Pole and .....the gifts....the best one of all though, the Gift to BELIEVE.

And BELIEVING not just on DECEMBER 24th EVE you see, but we also BELIEVE of another tradition that steams from the Italy side of the world. My family and I always celebrate and BELIEVE on January 5th EVE, "La Befana" the old Italian witch that visits children in Italy who have been good all year round with small gifts.

It is important for the reader to understand not only my passion for the industry of restaurants, restauranteurs, foodie culture and "food-spiration" but also to understand THREE simple Bella Piccolina reminders to guide you not only around this holiday season but ALL YEAR ROUND. I BELIEVE the energy one must feed themselves daily with positivity, resilience and a "I CAN ATTITUDE"... all comes from "Believing." Yes, believing for some, may mean believing in the spirit of Christmas, to others believing in oneself while cooking in the kitchen,  but believing is also a universal gift of sharing what it means to believe in what brings you happiness leading you in the direction of your dreams, your own destiny. Believing in the exchange of ideas, sharing creativity, believing in one another.

THREE Bella Piccolina Reminders To Guide You Year Round:



This is what I wish for anyone who reads these posts. I hope that inspiration and light guide you daily. In such a fast paced, global, dynamic and ever-so-often changing "digital" world, I hope you can take a second and read these posts and become enlightened with true reflection. Maybe you come to visit Bella Piccolina in search of food-spiration, pick up a travel story or two or maybe a homemade recipe. Perhaps you "are young at heart"....I hope it takes you on a journey, an adventure and a break from your day-to-day. I hope it awakens your mind to think out-of-the-box while sparking creativity and inner zen!

I have had so many motivating, inspiring and influential persons in my life that I have been blessed to connect with. Finding Peace in the people around you, the community of friends and peace within oneself in the energy you put out into the universe is what makes the world rotate in a full, complete circle. I am a firm believer of the "Law of Attraction" as the book "THE SECRET" suggests. Attract the energy you wish to surround yourself with in this world. Although this is my personal opinion, the kinder you are to someone else, that same kindness will one day be yours. And who does not like a kind person in 2014? To me, if you are not being kind or making someone else's life easier or better, then what is the point? Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know what someone else is experiencing, battling or going through and a simple smile or "hello" goes a long way to brighten someone else's day. Bringing peace not only will make others feel good, but will make you more complete. Try it.




Love is a universal language. The more you share a smile, a kind word or compliment, a helpful hand to someone in great need, that is what it is all about. I show much of my love through the art of cooking and by creating dishes and making "good food." My soul is food. I love when someone eats a meal of mine and smiles with satisfaction because it is not so much the meal but what the meal represents. It is not just food to feed the stomach and hungry but energy to feed the mind, body and soul. A shared conversation usually comes alongside all my meals and it is interaction and exchanging ideas and creativity that has really allowed me to be passionate about food and cooking. Making pasta is a "labor of love" ...You have to love what you do, in order to really be successful at it. In order to create a masterpiece and make it your own you have to LOVE what you do and be all about it.  Name your own dish, mix colors, ingredients, flavors, textures and call it yours.



WHO DOESN'T LIKE GELATO? In all reality, Gelato is one of my favorite sweets when I visit and travel to Italy. "Cappuccino con panna" to be exact.

Gelato is my personal reminder of the variety there is in life. There are so many paths, which one to take? So many flavors, which one to choose?

Only you can decide which way to go. Do you want to create the world you choose to live in, or live in a world already created? It is your own destiny and only you can pick the flavor of your choice. Although so many choices, may it be a sweet life you choose to live. Bring on 2015 with lots of positivity and well, gelato (or sorbet, take your pick).

Remember, Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.

Wishing you and those closest to you a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. Visit back soon, for my mom's holiday Tirimisu' recipe.

Peace, Love, Gelato,