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Motif magazineMeet Your Maker This Weekend!

by Jenny Currier

“Meet Your Maker!” is what Hope and Main is advertising as it opens its doors to the public for a Holiday Market this Sunday, Nov 23, in Warren. Of course, they used quotation marks appropriately so as not to give you the wrong idea that they’re threatening Armageddon; they’re just encouraging everyone to shake the hands of those who produce the wonderful new foods you’ll find popping up around the state. It’s a Meet and Greet as much as it is a Meet and Eat, and I plan to be first in line to sample truffles and jams, sip hot cider and cocoa, and get to know the local artisans who’ll be helping me spread holiday cheer this year. – See more at:

ProjoFun food things to do in RI this weekend

by Gail Ciampa

Bella Piccolina invites you to travel to Italy Sunday — but in a virtual way, by attending pasta making demonstrations in Warren at Hope & Main, at 1:30 and 3 p.m. The event is just one part of Hope & Main’s  “Meet Your Maker” holiday market featuring dozens of specialty food products from member companies as well as a number of community partners. It runs from 1 to 5 p.m. at  691 Main St., Warren. Participants may enjoy hot cider and cocoa, live music, and samples of local food products.

As for Bella Piccolina, she is the alter ego of chef/blogger Daniela Mansella, who will launch a workshop series of cultural and cooking classes for children in 2015. Mansella owns one Hope & Main’s businesses, about which you can learn more on Sunday. – See more at: