Coin-shaped tradition on New Years – You Lucky Lentil, You.

This is the first post of January 1st 2015


Let me begin by first off, thanking you all for reading and subscribing to my posts in 2014 as this inspirational food blog took flight! The journey has just begun …

Secondly, a big bright, warm welcome 2015 as I wish you and those closest to you a very, very Happy New Year! Tanti Auguri di Buon Anno!

For some people, the start of a New Year marks a new beginning filled with new or continued inspiration, a fresh glimpse of hope and ways to thrive in the new year ahead, resolutions, goal-setting and revisiting and evaluating old goals, a fresh new outlook on the year ahead, a reflection on the previous year that may have been filled of accomplishments, blessings, challenges -for some good times for others bad times, resilience, adversity, tenacity, memories shared together with new friends, old friends …family, co-workers, neighbors. A New Year with a new focus on the potentially positive year ahead filled with wonder, curiosity, adventure and perhaps a brand new vision on how to lead and live daily.

Food enthusiasts and home cooks alike, you see, a New Year marks the beginning of discovering new dishes and flavors while continuing to mix ingredients, trying diversified dishes, combining textures and flavors and using the five senses to connect a particular scent linked with a memory or moment in time.

All over the world, you will find different cultures eating and recognizing traditions through a particular food and/or dish that uniquely symbolize Good Luck in the New Year. From USA to Japan, many countries have a dish that represents a story leading into the New Year!


Homemade Lentils “Lenticchie” on New Years Day

Welcome, “Benvenuto” 2015. Today signifies a new, fresh start to the 365 days ahead. Although New Years is a celebration where often no “presents” and “gifts” are usually shared and exchanged, a “present” in an Italian-American home that is enjoyed on the First of January is one of my most memorable. The tradition of Lentils, “Lentichhie” which signify prosperity and abundance in the year ahead is a favorite family tradition of mine.  This celebratory meal is served warm as a hearty comfort dish. Although lentils can be prepared many different ways, I am a big fan of the lentils with carrots and celery while enjoying the brown small legumes that resemble a coin-like shape. Lentil soup recipes are often carried along from families to families over generations and as new generations try the recipes they may add their own twist on to the dish. Often times Lentils are served seconds after midnight leading into New Years Day but primarily on New Years Day accompanied with sausage, sometimes pork, or even a pork sausage. Lentils can be served with pasta, “pastina”, extra virgin olive oil, grated cheese (Romano, Parmesan … ) and of course several cloves of garlic, white onions and tomatoes (for best results, peel them so they are skinless for the soup!)

You can call it a New Years Day tradition filled with hope and cheer, you LUCKY LENTIL, you.

2015, may you be food-filled!

Peace, Love, Gelato,


It’s not Christmas Eve without Baccala’ ! Did you wake up to “caramelle” “candy” in your shoe?
It’s not Christmas Eve without Baccala’ !
Did you wake up to “caramelle” “candy” in your shoe?